Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being a renter sucks

This is completely off topic, but I feel the need to rant a little bit. I rent an apartment in a private house and I have The most disrespectful landlord ever. Okay, Maybe it’s not him so much (but he has his moments) but his teenage step sons.. They leave much to be desired, his wife too, she’s no cupcake either.

My landlord is Hispanic, (so is my best friend, mind you) they like to listen to loud, thumping music with the same repetitive beat.. I find it incredibly annoying. This past Friday, after a long, hectic week I just wanted to come home and get some rest.. yea, rite.. the Party started around 8pm upstairs, the music was so loud that my walls were vibrating and the floor was shaking, they were literally shaking through the foundation of the house! I let it go, figuring their mother would put a stop to it by 10:30 at the latest.. I mean, she had to be home.. I knew the landlord was working (he works the night shift) going going going finally I'm at my wit's end at 11:45pm and I called them, kid 1 answers, I ask him politely to please tone it down a bit, I've had a long week and I would like to get some rest.. yea yea.. that's what I get from him.. going going going.. no decrease in the volume level.. I call my landlord at work, for the first time in 4 years.. I've never had to bother this man before, he says to me okay, I will call them.. weather or not he did is still unknown to me, because it went on until 12:30am..

The weekend was quiet for the most part..

Monday night was another story.. around 7:00 I heard kids over, fine, whatever.. I knew they had exams today so I thought by 10 it would be done.. yea, okay.. Think again sister.. because at 11:30 when it was still so loud that I could still hear it while laying in my bed with the covers and a pillow over my head I had to make that call upstairs... ring ring ring.. no answer.. then I call and it's busy.. then my phone rings, it's the landlord's wife, who through all these years I have never had a problem with, I always thought she was a nice lady.. yea, well.. she really changed the way I think about her last night, because she wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise, was absolutely furious at the fact that I called her husband on Friday night and told me that if I was not happy here to find another place to live.. plain as that.. Then it didn't stop until 12:45 IN THE MORNING!!! Waking up at 6:15 this morning was not very pleasant to say the least.

As if finding an apartment is as easy as looking in the newspaper, picking one out and saying, okay.. I think I'll pick.....................this one.

yea, I wish..

so now, I am dealing with this nonsense from people that I have been an excellent tenant to for 4 years, searching for an apartment I can afford in the same area that I'm in.. I'm stresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed out!


so if I'm not posting as much as I would like.. it's because I'm in that preparing to move, cleaning/sorting/packing mode.....

not fun..


FAB 3 Munchkins said...

Wow you have had so many issues with them in forever. I hope you find something you can afford in the area soon. What have you been up to lately?