Monday, November 3, 2008

This is so completely off topic..

I figured I'd give y'all an advanced warning.. this is not food related in any way..

There’s nothing like a good book..

Or a whole freaking set of them in my case.. Sheesh, lol...

For over a year now my best friend has been on my case to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer so when she told me the movie was coming out I broke down and got the book.. And I read it in 3 days (on the bus in the morning and after work!) I was at her house when I was about to finish it and she gave me the other 2 and then proceeded to order the 4th book as soon as I got home on Saturday afternoon that make up the set. When Patty said it was a book about Vampires I was a little put off, but it’s not the bloody, gory Vampire books that I’ve seen in the past.

This is a true love story, true in that love knows no bounds. I was absolutely engrossed! I finished the 2nd book, New Moon in one day and started on the 3rd, Eclipse yesterday afternoon and I’m already onto Chapter 7. It’s very easy to get into the story line and I’m really hoping that it never ends! After finishing twilight I ran over to Stephanie Meyer’s web site to see the trailer for the movie and wow.. I’m really hoping the movie lives up to the one that played in my head while I was reading the book. It’s like nothing that I’ve ever read before. There is a 5th book coming out, but someone posted a copy of the manuscript online and messed it all up for everyone.. So now we have to wait..

If you haven’t heard about twilight or have interest in fiction books like me, pick this up. I got my copy at Hot Topic for $10 (because chances are the library is out no matter where you live) I’m telling you, you will not be disappointed. If you've already read it.. let me know what you think. Are you going to see the movie? (I am, lol)


Lobster Gram Recipe Blog said...

I was in the exact same boat with this series. I resisted for so long, and when I started book one, it was all over. Fantastic series. So glad I read it.