Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ya know what sucks?

I had the perfect meal planned out in my head.  I was going to brine the pork chops I bought the other night and then sear them in a pan with onions and serve with a really nice bowl of fresh corn with lime and chile and a nice salad.

But instead, about 5 minutes after I got the brine boiled up and sitting on the stove to cool down.. my oven started ticking like someone turned it on and was trying to get the burner lit.  But I was standing in the bathroom putting on some makeup and the kid was in the living room playing Wii.... sooooooo I first turned on every burner and they all worked, then off again.. still ticking.

So, clad in my jammies and no makeup I went and rang my landlord's doorbell.  I told him what was up and he came right away.  After much fiddling, unplugging and plugging the stove back in it was still happening.  Tick tick tick.. Fark!  My landlord is a genuinely nice guy so he said that tomorrow he's gonna have someone look at it and repair it... if it can't be repaired he'll have to get a new stove.

So now.. I have a non working stove in my kitchen and I'm really hoping this doesn't last more than a few days... because if I can't cook I will panic.   We're having sandwiches for dinner tonight and since the chops were gonna go bad if I didn't cook them and I didn't want to freeze them they're sitting in the fridge in the brine that I lovingly made for them this morning and I'll cook them in the crock pot with potatoes overnight and we'll have that tomorrow for dinner.

If my brine is as delicious as I hope.. I will post the recipe.   This is the first time I'm attempting to brine anything so, well... ya know.

Stay tuned this week because I'm going to start doing a recipe of the week.. hopefully starting tomorrow and I'll make up a grocery list and on Thursdays we'll all cook together.