Sunday, August 21, 2011

I rent from the nicest people

So my stove decided to start playing the ticking game again on Thursday and I unplugged it.. and it was unplugged from then until about an hour ago... when my Landlord's son came over.


He called me this afternoon and said that instead of spending $150 every time to have the guy come over to try and figure out WTF was wrong with that other stove he just bought a new one.  Totally made sense considering that the repairman was here 3 times and could never really get to the root of the problem.

I really really got lucky this time with the people that I rent from.  I ♥ the whole family.

Cooking will commence tomorrow night... Thankfully!  Last night the kid had a sandwich from the supermarket and I had a bowl of cereal for dinner. =/  Not exactly a fulfilling dinner.

I have some recipes to go through for the recipe of the week and I'll get the poll up tomorrow morning so we can get cooking once again.