Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coffee Coffee Coffee ... Keurig

Now that this move is over I can finally sit down and relax.. Now that (for the most part) I have my shit together.

I was supposed to do a blog post last week, but in the craziness that’s been my life it just hasn’t happened.  Blogging hasn’t happened.. I’m surprised that cooking has even been done, but ya know.. The kid’s gotta eat.  One night I was so frazzled that I stood and ate my food while the rest was cooking.. Horrible mommy move there, but I was Starving and just couldn’t wait.

I promised Sara@ One Cup Connection  that I would do a post about Keurig.  I don’t have one.. Bestie’s sister has one and brewed some really yummy smelling coffee the other night ( I don't drink coffee after 2pm or I'll be up all night O_o ) and I also  know that MommaKiss does too and she loves it... and her snickerdoodle coffee.

I love coffee regardless.  I’ve become a latté drinker within the past years that I’ve been working in this particular office.. I guess it all started with dunkin donuts lattés but that stopped when I realized how much sugar was in those things... and I started making them myself.  Right now I have a grind & brew machine and so it’s 2/3 cup of whole beans to 6 ounces of water and I get 2 good lattés out of it. One of these days I’ll get around to getting my own Keurig, but until then I will share the love of coffee and the amazing goods they’ve got over @ OneCupConnection..Check out the K-Cups page and tell me what one is your favorite!


MommaKiss said...

girlfriend, i just set my order to "auto" because I'm sick of running out of k-cups. They don't make snickerdoodle yet, so I have to buy that little filter thing for the keurig. pain in the ass, but so worth it.