Friday, June 3, 2011

Flip Flippity flip flip Friday Flip off’s 6/3/11

This week has been a short one.. But OMFG it’s been a Long damn week!

I have a few flips and one Big, HUGE yippee this week

Lately, I hate my job.  I read a book not too long ago with good advise "You should never have a job you hate so much you think "Thank God it's Friday" Every week of your life" I'm there.. it's time to move on.  I'm underpaid, under appreciated and totally sick of this place. I'm convinced all lawyers have some sort of mental disability... either that or they're just f'ing crazy.

 I put in for OT for the first time EVER last week.. Gave my boss a time sheet and everything and sure, he signed the check.. But told me I can’t do OT anymore. What.EVER dude. Everyone else is paid for their time here.. the F"ing File clerk takes home more than I do.. and she makes OT.. so WTF?  Like they pay me so much I’m rolling in it.. I’m barely scraping by here. Kid has to be to school at 7:45.. so I'm here at 8, I get shit done before 9 then I'm here till 5.. I'm glad school's almost over.

Oh... and.... and... Not only will I be graced with The Nazi this summer.. but BOTH of her snotty teenage daughters... y a y NOT.

Sallie Mae can suck it. Hard. I hate them and also the bitch who did my student loan WRONG in the first place and I didn’t realize it until it was too late.. So I’m stuck paying way more than I should have to begin with.
The Jackass cop who gave me a ticket for having Rosary beads hanging off my rearview mirror... he can flip the Hell off because I went to court the other day and had to pay a $105 fine.  ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE DOLLARS a $50 fine and a $55 state surcharge.. BS... for Obstruction of view?  What an asshole.

I’m not naming names.. But a certain someone in my office who’s been playing the same CD on repeat for the past 2 days ALL DAY.. I’m sick of hearing it already.

The Big Big Yippee this week... THE BESTIE IS COMING NEXT WEEK!!! For 2 Months!!! YAY!! I’ll be taking off every Friday I can while she’s here so we can go sit on the beach, BBQ and spend as much time as possible hanging out while she’s here... because I miss this chick like Cray-zee!! I haven’t seen her since she left in October and no amount of email and Skype can replace actually having her here in the flesh.

I will be baking this weekend and next week so I can bring here some goodies when she gets here.. This weekend I’m making Marshmallows and These and possibly a batch of whoopie pies.. I’m not sure how well they keep in the freezer since if I make them now they’ll hang around until next week.. But we shall see :)