Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 6/10/11

Ok.. Here goes...

This Entire Week can Flip the hell off!

I should just leave it at that...

But I won't.

EVERYONE at my job can Flip the Hell off.. with the exception of the 2 that are on vacation this week and the 4 that are Not on my shit list.  There was some bullshit going on in my office yesterday that was like high school. I'm seriously over that.  This is Not High School so grow the fuck up and get over it.

It's no shocker that I need to get a new job... unfortunately my plans for that are on hold since First I need a new apartment.. and then I need to get my shit together to get a new job.  It was supposed to be the other way.. but, of course there had to be a wrench thrown in my plans.

My Landlord and his ENTIRE family can Flip off.  He informed me on Sunday, 3 days after I had paid my rent that his Mother in Law is moving here from Columbia, they want my apartment for her and want me out ASAP.  So as if I haven't already been actively looking for an apartment the hunt is now in overdrive so I can get out by July 1... NOT to be accommodating to them, but so I don't have to pay these fuckers another months rent to spend another blazing hot summer in this place with NO a/c.

The Real Estate agent that was nice enough to call me after I had emailed her asking her if she knew of anything for rent within my budget and explaining my situation and then proceed to tell me all I can get within my budget is a dump in a shitty area.. she can Flip the hell off.. she doesn't deserve my money.. let alone a real estate license just for the main fact that she's a bitch and that was very mean spirited.  I work... I make shit pay.. but I still work 40 hours a week so.. what  ever.

I'm sitting here waiting for my truck to get her oil changed... she also had a tail light out.. so that's getting fixed too while he's at it so I can avoid a ticket.. because cops over here can be real jackwads.. but then again, cops everywhere can be.. so that's no shocker.

What will not be flipped off EVER:

The Bestie is flying in today.. after flying for God knows how long, an overnight layover and then 17 straight hours of flying she will be landing around 3:30 this afternoon so I'll get to hang with her this weekend... and bring her yummy fresh baked goodies :)


MommaKiss said...

seriously - your landlord asked you to move? I mean. That just seems so wrong?

I know how much you hate him and his family. Double flip off to him.