Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, hey.. It's Friday

Oh Hey, look at that.. It’s Friday

Hmm... What to flip off this week?

My job? So far, so good this week.

My Landlord? Yea, he’s totally obnoxious when he gets up at 5am, that’s not news

My Complete lack of sleep can be flipped off.. For once, I would like to get a solid 7 hours sleep, I know 8 is too much to ask for.

My apartment hunt.. No, actually not the hunt itself because that’s a test in patience all in itself.. But the homeowners who ask for exuberant amounts for rent in unbelievably tiny spaces. I recently saw a homeowner who had the audacity to ask $1,350 + Utilities for one bedroom apartment in their basement. Yea, Ok Buddy. Some sorry sucker probably took it too because I don’t see it listed anymore. I went to go see an apartment at 9:30 last night that was in the perfect neighborhood, 2 blocks from the kid’s school and had One huge bedroom.. But the rest of the apartment was tiny.. And it only had one window in the whole apartment. That was the deal breaker for me.. I need windows, especially in my bedroom. I've emailed a few more today and the one I really want to get back to me is the 2 bedroom one that I can actually afford.. Pray for me on this one.. I need to get the hell outta this house asap.

This wacky weather needs to make up it’s damn mind already, we had wicked thunderstorms this morning that blew my power out for a good half an hour starting at about 7:45 while I was applying eyeliner no less.. Almost poked my damn eye out with the brush then had to go up into what little daylight there was to finish it all, lol. By the time The kid rolled his butt outta bed the power came back up but the damn filter in my aquarium was making a grinding noise (dear Fluval, I hate your filters with a passion). I’ll take care of that crap later when I get home.

The Kid is taking his Science regents as I write this and as soon as he’s done Summer officially starts for us and he will officially be a 10th Grader (which really makes me want to cry, 3 years and my little teeny baby boy is going to be graduating, it’s a little hard to handle, I’m not old enough for all this)

Speaking of not being old enough my birthday is next week.. If you don’t know how old I will be I’m not sayin’.. But, it’s under 35.