Wednesday, June 29, 2011

♪♫The Search is OVER♪♫

No, I promise I won't sing you the song.. even though I do really like that song I won't be looking for love anytime soon.  This girl has had her heart trampled on bad enough to last a lifetime, there's only so much hurt one person can take.

No.. aside from that horrible news I have some Smashingly Wonderful Jubilant news....


In a really nice neighborhood, with lovely homeowners who have grown children who are married and out of the house.  AND.. it's close to school, really close to school by like 7 blocks or so.

I went to see it last night and when I got there and the owner told me it wouldn't be available until August I was kind of apprehensive. .. until I walked in the door and OH MY HOLY HELL was it beautiful.  Big beautiful living room, big eat in kitchen and the bedroom is HUGE.. all the furniture the current tenant has is really big and since I have scarcely any furniture it will seem even bigger for me, lol.  This place is easily twice the size of where I am now.. breathing room :) yay.

 I can't wait to go and take a second look and sign my lease and all that stuff... I was so excited last night and I really felt uncomfortable looking around too much since someone is still living there, but she's moving out to move in with her fiancee.. so it's all good.

I was worried my landlord was going to give me a hard time, considering he's a complete asswad.. but he didn't.  They partied until after midnight last night and the first thing on my mind this morning was not to be nice to him, so I just let him know politely that I found an apartment that will be ready on August 1st and he said that's fine, thank you.  Y'all have No idea how happy I am to be finally getting out of this house and away from these people.

At least I can start this new chapter of my life in a new place with nice people.  It's a bit more than my old place but definitely worth every penny for the peace of mind I will have knowing that there will be no crazy loud music until all hours of the night and parties all the time.