Friday, March 18, 2011

This week can flip the hell off

This week has been a total week from Hell.

Sunday started off well enough and then I went to get gas.. I parked, shut the truck off, filled up and then I couldn’t get my truck to start. it would kinda start, then stall.. I did this FOUR TIMES then it started up and I drove the 15 blocks home with my hands shaking kinda scared to stop for too long at a light waiting to just get home & call my aunt... who never called me back. (my uncle is my mechanic) so now I go to work, I go home & that’s it until someone calls me back so I can have my uncle take a look at the truck & get to the bottom of this issue.

Monday started off with a computer in my office that wouldn’t turn on. My calendar clerk here in the office NEVER shuts her computer down and I told her that she should shut it down once in a while so on Friday afternoon when we left (shocker) she listened and did. Monday morning comes around and.... the comp is dead. After hours someone came and fixed it because God Forbid we have an actual IT person here. 

Tuesday the neurotic one comes in, who’s been aptly renamed The Work Nazi. I hate this lady. She is the wife of one of my guys here... she worked here before she had kids and 17 years later decided it was a good time to come back to work. She thinks she knows it all. She thinks nothing of going through my desk, pulling papers and being nosy in areas that she doesn’t have any right thinking her advise belongs. She tattles to her husband when I’m online even if I’m doing research for something. Tuesday I almost opened my mouth and told her off though... I’ve been here 6 years and I have a very easygoing rapport with the clients here, it’s the way I am and people are very comfortable with it.. she wasn’t happy with the way I was talking with a longstanding client and proceeded to REPRIMAND me and then instruct me how to properly answer the phone and speak with clients.

Oh yeah? Screw you lady.

Wednesday, wasn’t So bad but ya know.. whoopie pies.

Thursday is a blur even though it was just yesterday. I’m not going to complain.

Today started off with me getting the first ticket I’ve ever gotten IN MY LIFE. But luckily the cop was nice so he told me I just have to show up in court and it will be dismissed. Thank God. because, really the last thing I need is another thing I have to worry about paying.  Then the Nazi was here for about 3 hours while I was removing a virus from a computer and proceeded to tell me it's impossible to remove viruses from a computer.  I told her "Not if you know what you're doing" and shut her right up.

I’m still apartment hunting. I’m still being rejected by homeowners who will not rent to me because I have a kid without even meeting him, as soon as I say I have a fifteen year old they freak.the.hell.out.

Now, in complete honesty I haven’t had much trouble with the fucktards upstairs lately.. but we’re literally growing out of the apartment. Kid’s hair officially touches the beam on the ceiling between the kitchen & his room and he’s only getting taller... so, yeah it's just a matter of time before he smacks his head on it.

In General this week can just flip the hell off.