Monday, March 21, 2011

I tried the silk 10 day challenge

I’m a Bzzagent and I got an offer to try the Silk 10 day Challenge. I’ve never tried Silk so I decided to jump in. We drink a lot of milk in my house, we can go through 1-2 gallons a week between the kid and myself.

I jumped into the Silk 10 day challenge feet first, I was so excited when I got the coupons to try the Silk products and so I picked up plain almond milk and chocolate soy milk.


I can do the chocolate Soy milk, it’s really good. It’s got a nice thick creamy texture and would probably be really good with a banana blended into a smoothie. I can totally kick my nesquick habit for chocolate silk and I can have a bit of it in my chai latte, that's absolutely delicious!

The Almond milk didn’t fare so well in my book though. The texture is very thick and the flavor of plain was just.. Plain. It was okay in a bowl of cereal. Nothing to write home about though. I’m sure the vanilla and chocolate varieties are good and I’m kinda kicking myself that I went with plain and not flavored.  I didn't like it in my coffee at all and I've heard so many things about almond milk latté's but nope, I wasn't getting it at.all.

I haven’t gotten a chance to try the coconut silk yet and since I’m not a huge coconut fan I’m sure I will try it and then use it in recipes but not to drink straight. I’m sure it’s wonderful in rice pudding.

Sorry Silk, but I’m not a convert. I’ve been a “real” Milk drinker too long to change over completely.

The final consensus is:
Silk products are wonderful, healthy and "green". 
Although I'm not a total convert I will use it for cooking, smoothies and in my latté.
I do need to try the Silk PureAlmond in the flavored varieties before I totally shoot it down, plain just wasn't for me at all.

Go ahead and take the Silk 10 day Challenge for yourself & let me know your thoughts too.


The Mama said...

Oh I was so hoping you were going to say you were a convert! I LOVE Silk. My son even drinks it. I was a "real" milk drinker forever. Then about a year or two ago I completely converted and now I hate "real" milk! =)