Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 1/7/11

Welcome to the first official Flip of 2011 Folks!

The Holiday season that came around and bit me in the ass this year is finally over. Kid pretty much got what he asked for.. me, as usual did not.

Saw my sister on New Years Eve.. who is as malnourished and anorexic looking as ever.. *cue the eyeroll here* I now refuse to have my picture taken with her.

I had off work for 10 days.. which happens ONCE a year.  Once a year I take consecutive days off for Christmas break so that my kid and I can get a break.. all year long he comes to work with me during breaks and so Christmas break is when I give us both time off from work.

But this year what happens?

 I get sick.

I Never get sick.. maybe a sore throat here or a stomach bug there.. but no.. I get both freaking sinus and upper respiratory infections that made me absolutely miserable. SO....


Second, on the Sunday after Christmas, Mother Nature decided it was time to let it snow in NY.. but not just a little dusting or 3-4 inches.. no we got like 3 freaking FEET of snow overnight.  and.. and?  It's Snowing again now... we're in for 3 inches or so today.. Yippee.

Flip off Snow.. I'm So over winter already.

The 2 giant bags of laundry that are leering at me. you'll get done this weekend, so Flip off.  I detest going to the laundrymat.. I'm one of the few that generally doesn't mind doing laundry.. it's the lugging it to the laundrymat that gets me.

OOH OHH!!one more.

I'm a bzzagent which is absolutely awesome because they sent me a COMPLETELY FREE HTC Surround Window's 7 phone.. which is awesomely amazing and it's a really cool phone (I have At&t) BUT.. what totally sucks ass about this phone is you can't upload your own ringtones.. which I've always done.  Every phone that I've ever owned has given me this option so WTF HTC? I'm stuck with crappy ringtones for as long as I decide to keep this phone?

 Not happy.  

Loving the free phone.. Not loving the crappy ringtones that I'm stuck with.  so.. Flip off HTC for NOT letting me upload my own ringtones to this really cool phone.

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MommaKiss said...

Suuuuucks that your were sick, I've SO been there.