Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 1/28/11

The only thing today has going for it is that it's Friday

Winter can Flip the fuck off already... ANOTHER 16 inches of snow yesterday on top of all this shit that's leftover from the Christmas mess and I'm ready to pack up and drive my truck as far west as it'll go.  I've had it.
Snow up past my knees.. it's enough already:

This is NOT a winter wonderland.

My Landlord's kids can Flip the fuck off too.. Wednesday night I came home, there was a HUGE pickup truck in my driveway that I could barely fit around to get to my door on the side of the house, there was about 4" of snow on the ground and nothing was shoveled AND... and.. these fuckers were on the back deck smoking pot.  Yea, they're a real fuckin' classy bunch.  Then the fuckers had friends over until 1:30 this morning.. no matter that I had to go to work today.. I can't wait to see my Landlord and say something to him.. because I can talk to him.. they're his stepkids.. I can't talk to his wife though (that nasty bitch) because she gets all defensive of her little assholes.

My Body.. it can flip off.. because my entire body is sore from the hour and a half of shoveling I had to do to dig my truck out yesterday..

My asshole neighbor.. he can flip off because he threw off the snow from his driveway behind my truck and then the damn snowplows came by twice last night pushing all the slush on the street right next to my truck.. and it all froze overnight, so I had to shovel it out again this morning.. and it still took me half an hour to get myself out of the spot I was in.

This winter has been BRUTAL.. Everywhere, I know.. but in NY, this is like nothing we've ever seen before.. yesterday's snow broke records across the board, it's unbelievable and I'm so freaking over it.

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