Sunday, January 2, 2011

So I've been kinda MIA

I've had the past ten days off.. and unfortunately I didn't go on vacation... Luckily I hadn't planned on it.. what I sure as hell didn't plan on was getting sick or being snowed in.  I started feeling sick early Christmas morning.. I had a cough that just wouldn't quit, then last Sunday we got this damn blizzard that had my car that was parked on the street (because I have nowhere else to park) buried under almost 2 feet of snow. Sick as I was I had no intention of going anywhere (although it probably would have been a good idea to make a trip to the Dr.)  Wednesday morning my kid was up at 6am with a 103 fever and I was really beside myself.  Luckily after sleeping all day and doing what I knew to do to get his fever under control it finally broke around 5 and he got up and ate something.

  I finally broke down on Thursday despite the fact that I could barely breathe, we had absolutely no food in my house. Had I have been thinking rationally I would have just called Peapod and got my groceries that way, but I was desperate.  Between The Kid and myself we shoveled the car out in 2 shifts and by 4PM I finally made a break for it and the local supermarket was a mess.. I had a list in mind, grabbed what I needed, ran through the self checkout and was back home in less than half an hour.

I had planned for my week off to be fun... to visit family and take the kid shopping to get Sasquatch a pair of winter boots that I'm sure were on sale this week (because lemme tell y'all, size 14 snow boots aren't cheap.)  But no.. I was home all week in my jammies, cleaning the house, resting and not doing much else.  I finally made a concerned effort to get dressed, fake health with some industrial strength cover up and take my kid to my friend's son's birthday party at Dave & Busters on Friday.. because I wasn't about to stay home alone on New year's eve.  Despite the way I felt I managed to make a quick stop to hang with family and bring the Christmas presents that were still under my tree for them and make my way back to my friend's house for dinner and to ring in the new year as I have the past few years minus my bestie who's in Mozambique but who managed to email us all to wish us a Happy New Year.

I'm still sick.. which sucks Royally.  I haven't been sick for this long in years and tomorrow I'm making it the first thing on my list to call this quack that's listed on my insurance card whom I haven't seen yet and who has a name I can't even begin to pronounce.

I hope you all had a safe and happy new year.

Here's to 2011 being a Fantastic year!


MommaKiss said...

i was SO SICK for SO LONG in the fall/beginning of winter, so i KNOW what you're feeling hon.

get better. and i hope you find a new place this year.