Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 1/21/11

Oh Friday how I've missed you.

Thanks to MommaKiss for being our Flipping host, she's so dedicated ;)

First up, I'm flipping off my usually cool neighbor who was a total asshole last night for parking in the spot that I dug my truck out of and have been parked in since the Christmas mess.  I had to park a block away last night and I was totally livid beyond belief.

Second, Winter.. Really, I'm done.. if I could (and if there weren't bugs the size of Mice) I would pick up and go hang with The Bestie in Mozambique.  I can deal with the humid heat.. winter can kiss my rosy red Italian ass already. I really wasn't into brushing off 5" of snow off the truck this morning.. or having to walk in the street a whole block down to get to the damn truck either.. GRR!

The Jackass who owned my truck before me.. he's getting flipped off too for being a total fucktard and allowing the jackass who worked on the truck to REMOVE the 4 wheel drive mechanism.  I love my truck but my transmission is, uh.. well.. it's a little tricky sometimes and acts up in the cold.. she got me to work in one piece this morning through the snow and unplowed streets, which I'm totally thankful for.. but she would be better if she still had all her damn parts.

I'm flipping off my wisdom teeth too.. OK, just the lower one on the right side.. because it's been a bitch all week.  I'm one of the few people I know who still have all 4 and every once in a while one of the bottom ones will act up because they're not completely out, but it's a real bitch when you can barely get your mouth open enough to eat.

Now I'm done with Flipping.. but I wanted to tell y'all that I did it!  I took my first Zumba class last night and I have the coordination of a slug.. I have no rhythm at all... but it was fun, the class was full of newbies and the teacher was Über cool and nice and I will be going back next week... every single muscle in my body is feeling it today.. but it's worth it.

OOH... One more thing... in about a week or so I'll be hosting a giveaway.. so Stay tuned and ya just might be a winner :)  (It'll be an easy entry.. I hate when you've gotta do 30 different things for an entry for a contest.. so, no worries)
Now, get with the program and link up and have a kick ass weekend!


Paula said...

I love love love Zumba but haven't done it yet myself. My friend in FL just opened up her own studio for Zumba. I am so rusty I wont be able to keep up either that is why I bought Zumba for the Kinect.. LOL

MommaKiss said...

girlfriend. i MUST try zumba. it's on Tuesday nights at my gym. I'm just so damn 'non-dancy' i don't know if i can do it.