Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 1/14/11

It's Friday?
Are you sure? I didn't work on Wednesday.. no school because of the snow day.. I'm all screwed up.


Alrightythen... TGIF!!

then lets get a move onto the second Friday Flip off's of 2011.

First off I'd like to flip off this damn cough.. sure, I finished my antibiotics on Monday and the sinus infection is gone.. the cough.. nope.  I'm fine in the morning, but it's all downhill from there and it's not cool when the receptionist goes into a coughing fit mid message.  *sigh* 

Second, Winter.  I'm so seriously Over winter already.  We got another 10.5 inches of snow here on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.. so of course the school called at 10:30 on Tuesday night to let us all know what we already knew.. that they were going to be calling a snow day.. no bother to me, because my office was pretty much closed anyway.   What I really hate the most (beside the blistering cold) is having to shovel my truck out of the snow.  Now I got smart this year and learned to NOT park in front of my own house because last year my asshole landlord dug his 2 kids cars out of the snow and and shoveled all the snow around my truck and  it took me 2 days to dig myself out of that spot, then his bitch wife has the balls to ask me if I want to use their shovel to dig myself out.  Yea, they're real classy people.

Third here's something that I'm sure a lot of us are ready to flip off.. WTF is up with the amount of Federal taxes coming out of our paychecks?  As if I'm not taking home little enough as it is my paycheck had to be LESS this year than it was last year?  I was Fuming mad when I realized it was because Fed tax was nearly THREE times more than last year.  This is not cool at all.

I'm throwing this out there.. as a reminder to myself not to be a slacker and so y'all who follow me on twitter can remind me and not let me back out.. ok.. ready?  I'm sure this will be yet another thing for me to flip off Next Friday.. but here goes...
          I am Determined to get fit this year.. absolutely Determined.  So.. next Thursday I'm going to start Zumba classes.  There is a class over by the kid's school every Thursday night, I saw the flier up in the supermarket and then I checked it out online, contacted the teacher and got the info I needed.  I'll be honest.. I have a belly.. my kid is almost 15.. I have no excuses for this belly to be here.. and I want it GONE, so I'm gonna dance it off.  My eating habits are healthy.. my exercise routine.. well, I don't have one.  That will be changing.  I have no desire to go to a gym.......but that may change if I can get my kid to go with me and I can  afford it... but that's another story.  


Shell said...

Yes, I'll flip off winter with you! My kids had 3 days off this week b/c of snow.

Have fun in zumba- I really need to get back to it.