Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Flip Off’s

Is it wrong to Flip off my Landlord again? No? Ok, good.

First flip off is to my jerkface landlord, because he was supposed to fix something years ago.. And apparently never did. So, at 4:45 this morning I was rudely awakened by a slow drip drip drip coming from the utility closet in my room. Now I have to bring to his attention once again that this issue needs to be fixed, when I thought it had been long ago. I don’t go in that damn closet..( Spiders)

I would like Flip off the white hairs that keep popping out in my head.. Go away! Just.Go.Away. In the same breath I would like to send a blessing to Miss Clairol who saves me every time ;)

Bestie’s hubby left last night for Portugal, and I can’t in any way flip either one of them off since I love them to bits... I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to though. Haha. I already told her she’s a bitch for moving. But I get why they're doing it.. Still doesn’t make it fair though.

Join the other wacko’s Lovely ladies Flippin’ everyone off this & Every Friday here:

Further proof my landlord is an assclown: Being a renter sucks


MommaKiss said...

Who you callin wackos?! Heh. Your landlord is a total douche.

amydpp said...

Friday Flip-offs. Best idea ever.

WTH am I Doing? said...

Stopping by from MommaKiss...I so don't miss renting, at least when it comes to dealing with landlords. Good luck with the drip...& the spiders. *shudder*

Amy said...

I rent a condo and have the best ever landlord. But, since life is funny that way, my upstairs neighbors get flipped off every week.

Ashley said...

Minivan Mommy, the Assclown, the queen bitch and their demon spawn live upstairs.