Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stupid circulon piece of crap...

Remember my post about my tiny kitchen and how I have such limited space and such? Well, it seems a little space just opened up.. Just a teeny bit.

I don’t have a crapload of cookware, just the basics. So when one piece is no longer usable it’s a HUGE deal to me. Well, last night I was taking the pan I had just made dinner in off the stove and it slipped out of my hand, the ONE 12"skillet that I have. Now I don’t care that it fell on the floor, but in falling the entire handle broke off.. Stupid circulon piece of crap. Now all I have to hold on to is a little metal stem about 3"long that will, undoubtably have me burning my hand eventually when I forget and grab it. FML.

Circulon has a terrible policy, after the same thing happened to my 8" skillet a few years ago I was informed that there was nothing I could do by a particularly nasty customer service rep. My grandma had the same set of cookware for 50+ years and nothing ever went wrong.. We kids used them as drums and walked with the big sauce pot over our heads making Darth Vader voices, left them out on the porch sometimes.. And nothing.

I drop a piece of crap pretty expensive pan and there’s nothing I can do but toss it and buy another one? Um, well, that's not really possible right now so no.

The pan isn’t completely useless, it’s just got no handle now.. Which any sane person would just take and toss.. But like I said, it’s the only one that size that I have.

So I’m left with 2 options now...
1. Just use it until I can afford to get another, GOOD one. (I'm thinking I'm going to toss give away what I have that's good and invest in a Farberware set because I have all mismatched pieces now)
2. Just go shopping and get one before I go and burn myself badly.

Unfortunately since I'm broke there are things going on in my world that are more important than purchasing another pan that actually has a handle I’m going to have to go with option #1... at least for now.

... And when I do get a new gleaming set of cookware I'll be posting to let y'all know what I get... and what I'll be cooking in it too :)


Lys ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

Might I make an "affordable" suggestion - don't worry - I'm not mentioning the LC word. Seriously, have you looked at Ingrid Hoffmann's Delicioso line on HSN? I have a few pieces that I purchased and, I hate to say it, I use them more than my Calphalon or Le Creuset :)