Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A few things that totally suck about having a tiny apartment kitchen

For one, I don’t have a kitchen table, I have a small bar style table that could sit 2, if my jackass landlord had some stools for me.. But no, maybe 2 people could sit there, but not comfortably since it’s about 2 feet long by 1 foot wide.

There is very little counter space, in total I have about 2 feet of counter space to the left of my kitchen sink, to the right is the dish drainer and my microwave, with very little room to spare to even open the microwave door without dumping the dish drainer into the sink

I have 5 cabinets
dishes & glasses
spices & baking supplies
dry goods
pots & pans

the space under the sink doesn’t count as decent storage for anything but cleaning supplies (and after the 30 year old copper pipe broke and my stupid landlord’s wife KEPT DOING LAUNDRY while he was working on it and the water backed up under my sink and he didn’t say anything to her so my cabinets flooded, my kitchen floor was a lake and this jackass did Nothing I keep the cleaning supplies in plastic bins so I can remove it all in one quick swoop when needed.

I have 2 drawers (the rest are just drawer fronts)

utilities & foil, plastic wrap, parchment, etc.

I really want a Kitchen Aid mixer, but I have no place to store it or anywhere to place it permanently, it’s bad enough I have my crock pot, blender, can opener and my dejected Senseo machine (they discontinued the coffee I like :o( ) in a storage bin under that stupid table/bar thingy that is mainly used for mail and cookbook/recipe reading.

My dream is not to have a grandiose kitchen, but one that’s functional and can accommodate my needs, I have neither here. The only good thing about this kitchen is the fact that I have a full size stove and not one of those puny apartment ones. I’d like to have one of those 6 burner stoves with a built in grill and 2 ovens though.. Oh imagine all the yummy things I could make... *sigh*

Well.. Someday.

Right now I’d be happy with a kitchen big enough for a table we could actually sit at and enjoy dinner instead of sitting on the floor chowing down in front of the TV.


Lys ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

Apartment kitchens are the first thing I look at when I'm planning on a move - I can only imagine what a nightmare I'll be when I start looking at houses in a year or so.

One thing I did with the excess "gadgets, etc." was put a bookshelf in another area of the apartment and use that as cookbook/gadget storage.

Ashley said...

I have a place for cookbook storage, but it's also for towels, my stereo and stuff that has no place, lol. As for shelving, nope, that can't happen because there is no place for it.