Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Flip-Off's

Taking a tip from MommaKiss This week needs a big fat FU

My biggest Flip Off this week goes to my kid's school for making parents buy workbooks that should be supplied by the school, not sold at the student store for at least $10 a pop, the book for Earth Science is $18! (all together I'm talking almost $100 in books here)

Flip Offs go to my landlord for being a complete and total Fucktard for so many reasons, but the top this week is for lighting a fire in the pit in the backyard when I had clean sheets hanging on the clothes line, so yea, thanks for making me have to go BACK to the laundrymat to wash them again.

Flip off Hormones for making me a cry at the drop of a hat sobbing little girl this week.


MommaKiss said...

That's a hella lotta dough for workbooks. Way too much. La

Anonymous said...

OMG i homeschool so i buy all my own but the PUBLIC school made you do this?! that is CRAZAY!! yeah i'd be in there giving the big ole fbomb in person. but that's my style... lol

Unknown said...

Yikes! Having to buy your own workbooks? That's crazysauce!