Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hip, hip, Horray!!

I did it, I did it.. I went out today and I bought my camera!!! As you can see from the post just below this one, the pictures are excellent (granted, I do have a photography course under my belt too) I'm really excited.. and I was planning on making a cake tonight, but then the pipe under my kitchen sink went and broke on me while I was doing the dinner dishes (seriously people, I think someone's trying to tell me something here) and the cake didn't happen..there was a huge mess of water to clean up.

Maybe tomorrow after the landlord gets the sink fixed.. if he does indeed get it fixed tomorrow.

The apartment search is going.. not too successful yet, but I've got a few friends helping me out and I'm looking every day.. Hopefully before the March rent is due I'll be telling these inconsiderate people where they can stick it. sticking tongue out smilie Pictures, Images and Photos