Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well, it's been an interesting week...

I am So glad it's Friday.. I have a few flips.. ok.. I have ONE flip and one happy announcement.

Good news First:
 Monday night I got a text from my sister "Hi, I'm going to the hospital"  no, really this is good news.

My sister, pregnant with baby #5 who was 14 days past his due date (as all her babies have been more or less) was finally ready.  I got a text at 5:20am Tuesday with the news he was here. My nephew Ellias, my very first Godson was born on Tuesday morning at 4:30am at a whopping 7 lb 15 oz.  :)  I haven't met him yet.. but I will as soon as I can :)

Now, onto the rest:

Last Saturday I had my muffler replaced after a um, fallout. Tuesday I get to work and there was white smoke coming out of the hood of my truck.  I had a slight panic attack, popped the hood and realized there was coolant leaking from somewhere.  I originally thought it was coming from the lower radiator hose which meant I couldn't drive all the way to my uncle who lives about 15 miles away.  My uncle told me to find someone local to do it for me.  This was NOT what I needed the week I was totally broke, so my poor truck sat in the street for 2 days while I took the train to work (which really wasn't too bad considering the train ride from here is only 2 stops.  I just had to hop on the bus since it's about 30 blocks away, but even that wasn't too bad considering what I used to deal with).

Yesterday while I was walking home I stopped at a little repair shop and spoke with the owner, I told him my situation and asked roughly how much it would cost, of course he couldn't tell me an exact price until I brought the truck in for him to take a look.  I walked home and got my truck and then drove over there and it turns out it was the heater hose.  Ok, so what's the damage?  about $50 Ok, fine I can handle that.  I'm due for an oil change so ya might as well go on and take care of that too since the truck is there.

Finally went and picked my truck up.. .$120 later and yea, my truck is all fixed, but it was WAY more than I had planned for. *sigh*  Not happy about this.. considering I didn't think it was going to be more than $100 tops with the oil change. Apparently they needed a special hose because there's a tight bend where it goes. OK, so fine.  I'm just glad I had the money to fix it.. it's just gonna be another fiercely frugal week around here.  Just happy the truck is running fine and no more smoke.


MommaKiss said...

Congrats on the big baby!! Woo! Godmothers rock ;)