Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I can admit to my mistakes

I made such a stupid mistake on Sunday.

I really should have known better.. And it hit me just at the wrong moment that sheer fear and Noooooooo!!

But it was already too late and as I backpedaled to try and fix it I kinda threw my hands up in a que sera sera moment and let it be in hopes it would rectify itself.

So, here's the story.

I make kick ass cinnamon rolls.  Really, they’re amazing.

Last week at the farmers market I went and picked up some honeycrisp apples and I managed to save one from being devoured by the kid for baking and wanted to fill the cinnamon rolls up with chopped apple. It sounded like the perfect idea.  And it would have been had I not 1. Diced the apples so fine and 2.  Added them to the cinnamon sugar in the bowl.  The apples hit the sugar and immediately turned to liquid.

I started to panic and tossed in a tablespoon of cornstarch to thicken it up and then quickly rolled out the dough as fast as I could and spread the mixture on and started to roll it up...with the apple sugar mix oozing out of the ends I was so mad at myself for being such a dumbass.  I set them to rise and just prayed it would be ok.

They turned out Okay.. But with barely any filling in them.  Next time I’m going to add the apples right before rolling it up.. BIG slices of apple, like for pie.. No tiny diced pieces, that was my downfall, that and adding the cornstarch which turned them dry and the insides a little chewey.  Yuck.

The kid still likes them, he actually put one in a mug of milk this morning and ate it with a spoon, lol.  I guess it was the best way to eat it when you’ve literally got 5 minutes to eat, get your shoes on and get outta the house before you’re late for school.

I will post up some pics as well as the new recipe for icing that I started using.  Less fat but Tons of flavor!!