Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flip-Off's 7/22/11

Since MommaKiss is off walking in the Susan G Komen 3 day in this blistering heat I’m gonna take the helm and host the Flip Off’s this week (assuming nobody else has yet)

Um, Hello Heatwave O_o It’s 101° outside. I will not complain about the heat... The humidity is like 110% and it’s really hard to breathe outside.  I got to the office at 8:15 this morning and haven't been back outside since.  we literally walked into the building and let out a collective sigh this morning, it was 85° when I got up at 6:20 this morning.  Good thing the Lobby shop here has sandwiches and salads now :)

Now, to Flip things off..

Moving is a BITCH.  My cousin and her hubby helped me Last Saturday night around 5 and we packed as much into the van as we could, The Kid and I took another run after we unloaded the van and my cousin her hubs left and then again on Sunday but there’s only so much I can shove in the back of my truck so even though I took Monday off to vacuum the old place and pack up all the stuff I had to donate I’ve still been running back and forth for the past few days grabbing as much as I can.  I’m almost done though.  Then I’ll hand over the keys and say so long to the Asshats forever.

I really really LOVE my new place though.. It’s so nice to not be awakened by a little dog that barks at every little noise, no stomping overhead, no crazy music till all hours of the morning, no blasting TV over my head, no stifling heat because that place had no air and tiny windows, no screaming people upstairs.  It’s just very peaceful and I love it. Not to mention all the glorious space.  This place is HUGE compared to my old place.

I went grocery shopping the other night just to grab a few things to hold us over until I do the big grocery shopping tonight and I would like to flip off the person who thought it was a good idea to make EVERYTHING Italian bread.. I went and grabbed a loaf of Italian bread to have with the Giambotta I was making for dinner and didn’t realize it until I got home that it wasn’t plain.. This shit even had poppyseeds inside.. Ugh.  The kid liked it... but for me poppyseeds wreak havoc so I had to skip it and I made myself some pastina instead.

I have to say all in all it’s been a pretty decent week, despite the heat and the moving shit.

Now, come on.. I know y’all have at least one thing you want to flip off this week..

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