Saturday, July 9, 2011

I confess, I cheated

But I realllly wanted cheesecake, it's too hot to turn the oven on.. and anyway I said I wasn't using the oven anymore since I scrubbed that sucker clean last Sunday.

I went to the supermarket with The Kid the other night and upon perusing the dairy aisle I saw it. Philadelphia cheesecake filling .. I looked at it, I looked at The Kid and I grabbed the scanner (I love Stop & Shop with the handy scanners so you can scan & bag while you shop and checkout is a Breeze!) I said to the kid, if it's under $5 I'm getting it.. it was $4.99 BINGO!

It's good, Not great, but it worked to satisfy the cheesecake craving without having to spend $3.99 just for a slice. It's high in fat so I am satisfied by just having a heaping spoonful spread on a few graham crackers and I can imagine it would be heavenly with fruit.

I actually have some Push Pop containers that I bought from my buddy Vanna @ QueenVanna Creations and I'm going to layer them with some graham crackers, cheesecake filling and chocolate chips and Freeze them.. Yummy!!!

I'm moving next Saturday so my posts will be slightly scattered between then and next Sunday when I get my internet hooked up at the new place (Gotta Love Cablevision for coming to do a hookup on Sunday so I don't have to lose a day of work on Monday!)


MommaKiss said...

I've used this for cheesecake pops. Uh huh. Worth the cheat.