Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Coffee Maker Broke and why I may never shop at Walmart again

My BHG Grind & brew coffee maker decided that as soon as I moved to my new apartment it didn't feel like working anymore.  I'm guessing it was just mad that I brought the old Senseo and the espresso maker with the broken frother to the donation place yesterday.  I was beside myself.. really?  No coffee at all? There's gotta be a law against that or something.  I tried everything I could think of.. and when nothing worked I did what anyone would do.. I called the BHG customer service line.. but it was already 9pm EST so they were closed.  So I coughed up $4.25 for a latte at Starbucks this morning (Seriously.Insane, a pound of Starbucks Espresso beans that lasts me 2 weeks costs me $9, but anyway...) when I got to work I went and called the BHG helpline again and got a very nice girl on the line who told me "Oh, well, we don't have any troubleshooting for that issue"  I got a little freaked.  My response was.. well? What do I do now?  This machine is only 3 months old.  She was very nice and told me that all BHG products have a lifetime warranty so just bring it on over to Walmart and you can exchange it for a new one.

Ok, I'll bite.  I was really apprehensive though because with my past ONE time I went to Walmart Customer service because the cashier forgot to give me a bag of stuff I had bought I was treated like I was trying to swindle them.  I don't know if a pissy attitude is prerequisite to work at Walmart but Really, if you're working with the public put on a smile and get on with it, you're being paid to be Helpful to the public.

I went and picked up the kid from camp, ran home to get the coffee maker and after work I went and took the machine back to Walmart.  I initially asked the greeter if I should go get a new machine fist or just go to the CS desk.. she said to go the CS desk first because without a box or receipt she wasn't sure what was going to happen.. ok, fine.

I get to CS and I'm told by the women there checking the things in the cart that I'm trying to EXCHANGE this product?? Um, yeah, it's not powering on and so I called BHG and they told me since they're EXCLUSIVELY LICENSED with y'all and they have a lifetime guarantee it wouldn't be a problem.  She told me to put the machine on the counter and go get a new one.  I ran and grabbed The very last one off the shelf and then when I went back to CS the lady that "rang me up"  was Beyond nasty.  "Take the thing out of the box and put the old one in there, No you CAN NOT keep the paperwork!" Okok.. here's my license, I've never returned anything to Walmart ever before, I swear.  Three people were working on this. .like I was stealing it.  I kept getting " You have no box? No Receipt?"  No.. it WAS A GIFT and I got it THREE MONTHS ago so no to both.

After a good 10 minutes I finally left with a coffee maker wrapped in nothing but the plastic covering it had in the box.  I picked up a few little things and then checked out.. with a cashier who didn't even bother turning the bag carousel let alone hand over the 3 little things in the ONE bag that I had.. nor did she bother to say anything to me when she handed me the receipt because she was too busy chatting with her co worker.

Yeah.. that's what I call service.  *rolleyes*

I worked in those jobs when I was in high school and before Kiddo was born.. I still deal with people all day every day.. I smile and make nice and Never let on when I'm having a bad day.

I think I'd rather shop at Target.. which is literally across the parking lot.