Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pickle's Bake Shop - GIVEAWAY

Two posts in one day?  I know, it's almost unheard of.. BUT I had to repost this giveaway.. because (well because I want it all for myself but I'm nice enough to share it with y'all because ya know, I'm cool like that :) )

My buddy over at Picklendem known as The Mama, is giving a basket of fresh baked goodies from her online bakeshop Pickle's Bake Shop away to one lucky reader.  

The gift basket will include:

1 cake jar
1/2 dozen cake balls
1/2 dozen cookies

Choose from the following cake and cookie flavors:

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Butter Cream
Chocolate with Chocolate/Vanilla/Marshmallow Butter Cream
Vanilla with Vanilla/Chocolate Butter Cream
Lemon with Lemon Cream Cheese Butter Cream
Coconut with Cream Cheese Butter Cream
Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Go on over and show Mama some love and enter the contest.. and if you win.. Share with me :)