Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 2/4/11

January is Finally gone, the bitch.. jeez... I didn't think January was ever going to end.

Now, lets give a shout out to MommaKiss for being the awesome Momma that she is for hosting the weekly flips and let the flipping commence!

Flip off Snow and ice and MotherEFFING Freezing Rain.  Everything is frozen over around here.  I"m sick and tired of it being in the 20's and I'm sick and tired of wearing layers.. Ugh.

My Landlord's Punkass stepkids.. mainly Punkass #2 for being a nasty fucker on Friday night when he thought it would be cool to bring friends home at 12:30am and wake me up out of a sound sleep when I felt a bad sore throat coming on. This little fucker got nasty with me when I called and told him he woke me up and that he was being inconsiderate and his reply to me was "it's the weekend"  My reply was I pay rent so have some respect. He agreed to turn the shit down, but him and the hoard of elephants he had with him proceeded to talk Excessively loud, stomp purposely on the floor and drop things.. then, at 1:30 the music came back on.. until 3:30 am.  By then I had a smashing headache, my throat was on fire and I was so unbelievably overtired I wanted to scream.  It's no wonder that when I was finally able to see my Dr. Saturday afternoon my BP was 140/60.

I'm still sick.. all week I've been the froggy receptionist that's been more than slightly off and It's really not cool.  This cold can flip the fuck off already.. I'm tired of having coughing fits at night where I feel like the sheer force of it's gonna make me lose a lung :(

I'm apartment hunting to the point where I need to get the fuck out of this house & this neighborhood before I go batshit crazy on someone soon... between the fucktards upstairs and my newly assholeish neighbors I'm gonna totally crack. Apartments are insanely priced and real estate agents are assholes. If I'm gonna move into an apartment and pay 1 months rent + 1 months security I'm not gonna pay this leech another months rent as their fee... fuck off. I check craigslist 3 times a day, the newspaper daily and every local paper I can find online.. and NOTHING... ok.. in reality I've send emails to 4 places since Monday and not one has gotten back to me.. so, WTF?

And can y'all believe my asshole neighbor actually confronted me yesterday morning about a note I left on his door the other day.. I'm sorry, if you're gonna be a dick and park your little 15 year old nissan in the spot that I spent an hour and a half digging my 15 year old Jeep Cherokee out of  I'm gonna be pissed.. because I'm not gonna park a block away for your convenience, I'm sure as fuck not going to dig myself out another parking spot and if you don't like it, too fuckin' bad, I'm not parking in front of your house, I'm parking 2  houses down where the guy is cool enough to let me park there and leave me room to park when he digs out his driveway, not in front of your house so fuck off.

Really.. why are some men complete assholes?

OK, this week is finally over, so lets all get together and link the Flip up this week


MommaKiss said...

oh ash, seriously? a note reply?


Anonymous said...

I REALLY liked it when my driveway was all snowed in and I don't have a shovel and the hubs was out of town and the next door neighbor stood outside with his snow shovel LAUGHING as I tried to use rakes and such.