Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Winter,

Dear Winter,
  I've really had enough of your horrible temper and mood swings.  This just isn't working out anymore.  I tried to  love you like so many others do, but I just can't.  I am tired of looking at your gray skies and the unrelenting snow that you keep burdening us with.

It's not me, it's you.

You make me absolutely miserable.

I'm happier with spring, with it's blooming trees and flowers, green grass and blue skies.  I even love spring for it's rain.  There may be days with spring when it's cold, but it never treats me like you do, so icy and uncaring.

I welcome spring's warmth and I will be relieved when I can put you behind me Winter, even though I know you'll show up every year like clockwork, I try to do my best to deal with you, but you really don't make it easy.

I'm sorry I had to end things with you like this
(but not really)
(No, not Love, but I can't exactly sign this letter I hate you)


Unknown said...

Hahah. More snow today and tomorrow :-( I guess Winter isn't listening to you

Ashley said...

No, it's pretty clear that winter hates me. We've got freezing rain coming down now and we're supposed to get snow tonight and then an ice storm or something horrible like that tomorrow.. it sucks.

Anonymous said...

You are funny...yes you are...and i hope that winter ends soon cuz you may have a nervous breakdown and then what will become of you!!!