Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Birthday Dinner...

So Yesterday was my kid's birthday and I took him out to dinner because that's what he wanted.. What he wanted was Greek food.. and we were both totally bummed to find out the Greek place that we like closed down.. total bummer because I really could have gone for a Gyro :(  We instead went to Boulder Creek.. which is a steak house.. I have been jonesing for a burger for days.. so Yay!

Since we got there & it was Happy hour we were able to get 2 appetizers for 1.. sweet.. so we ordered one of those Fried onion flowers & Calamari.  Kid ordered Shrimp Scampi and I ordered a mushroom Swiss burger.  Kid of course ate all his food.. I, on the other hand after sharing some of the onion (that sucker was HUGE & most of it came home with us) and the calamari was totally full.. the server must have thought I was insane because I just sat there picking at my sweet potato fries and took one little bite of the burger.  Kid finished his food.. I took All of mine home... and it's still sitting in my fridge because of course I left it in the fridge this morning in my morning mania as usual.

The food was good.. I have to say we rarely go out to eat and I was generally pleased with the servers and the speed in which we got our food.   I left a nice tip of course :)

I'm really looking forward to finishing up that burger tonight for dinner though :)

I took Kid to Rosie's Bakery before dinner to pick out his cake.. he picked out a chocolate dipped cheesecake slice and a Ginormous cannoli filled cupcake.. when we got home we did the Happy birthday bit :)  It was sweet.. & we're doing it all again on Saturday :)

I might be biased..  but really My kid is the best there is :)


MommaKiss said...

Canolli filled CUPCAKE????

Ashley said...

Yup.. I guess I'm gonna have to go get another one & post a pic.. because it was a HUGE cupcake & it had a LOT of filling in it.. we cut it in half & it was amazing!