Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 12/10/10

Gooooooooooooooooooooood morning Fellow Flippers.

It's Friday!! I'm absolutely positive today's Friday.. only because I got paid yesterday.. but damn I've been messed up with my days All week. Big hugs to MommaKiss for being our gracious host.

OK.. Ready?

You sure?
I'm gonna flip off TIME.. because there's just never enough of it.. it moves too fast and DAMN! There's 2 weeks until Christmas, next Saturday is my Nephew's birthday.. he's gonna be 7 and I still can't believe it. Damn these kids and their growing up nonsense (lol)    I've barely started my Christmas shopping.. for none other reason than the fact that I just don't have the money.. yet. (here's to hoping for the Christmas bonus).

Winter.. Flip the hell off.. it was 20° when I got up this morning, my poor truck doesn't like the cold so I have to give her a good 15-20 minutes to warm up when it's cold like this.  I'm absolutely Dreading snow.. I hate the stuff.  It's all pretty and shit at first.. but I hate being out in it.

My job...
moreover.. almost everyone here with very few exceptions.

... and the Huge WTF of the week.........

Someone Stole the UPS box from behind my office building.  One of the girls went to take a package to the UPS box on Monday night and the box was gone so on Tuesday when I got to work I called UPS and asked what happened to the box and they didn't know and said they would have someone call me back.  A few hours later a rep came to my office and said that they'd had a few complaints and from the looks of it, it seems the box had been stolen.  When I asked Why and how.. the guy said that they're taken apart and sold for scrap metal and that apparently this box wasn't bolted down to the sidewalk.  I was really shocked.. but then again I guess it's really true in most cases.. if it ain't bolted down it'll be stolen.  sheesh though.

Now.. Get your act together.. join the other flippers and GRAB THE CODE and be one of the cool kids ;:)

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.. I'm planning on putting up my tree and get some cookies baked this weekend.. I WILL blog cookie recipes.


Anonymous said...

Oh lord, you just made me a bit panicky but mentionning there's only two weeks until Christmas. HOW did that happen?

Kim said...

seriously, stealing a mailbox?? Did they get packages inside too? And the Christmas deal?? I need one more week!! This whole late Thanksgiving totally messed with me. Have a good weekend -- send some of those cookies this way!

Ashley said...

yes, someone stole the UPS box.. and since it was the weekend and the offices here are closed I'm pretty certain there wasn't anything in it.. but still... Unbelievable.

If any of you are interested in a cookie swap.. lemme know because I'm game :)