Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Being Proud of myself

If you're a regular reader and read This post you'd know I'm making a more concerned effort to eat healthier and start drinking water. Yup, you read that right.. START drinking water.  I never liked the stuff.. and it was always a huge chore to mange to get myself to drink any unless I was absolutely dying of thirst and there was no other option.

But.. since that post.. I've been doing it. I've been downing at least 1 23 ounce bottle of water a day, sometimes 2 and I even drink it when I'm home.... really people, this is HUGE.  I'm actually going to get one of those water filtration pitchers so I can drink healthy water at home.. because the tap water in my apartment is, well.. it's pretty damn gross.

And ya know what's really the best part.. I feel better.

Like, Duh Ashley.. try being properly hydrated you stupid girl.

*sigh* it only took me thirtysomething years to figure this one out.