Friday, September 24, 2010

Here we go again: Friday Flip Off's

So it's Finally Friday again, time for the Friday Flip Off's hosted by my gal MommaKiss.

First off I'd like to flip off Fall.. I'm all for the changing of the leaves to the pretty fall colors, but I don't like cold weather and don't even get me started on Daylight Savings, that's a whole load of crap all together.  My summer totally SUCKED, but even with that being said I hate to see it go because that means that my bestie is leaving.  You can read about that ordeal Here.

Second, after reading MommaKiss' heartfelt note about her bestie's ordeal with cancer, I'd like to join her (as well as all the awesome peeps who commented in support) to tell cancer to Fuck Off.  Cancer took my dad and my grandma and just last October it took my bestie's mom. So I raise my voice and shake my fist and scream FUCK OFF Cancer, you Evil Bitch.

Of course a week can’t go bye without me flipping off my assclown of a landlord.. Because of this:

it's mold.  In the utility closet in my bedroom. I would never have known it was there had it not been the incessant drip drip drip I heard last Friday morning. I went to inspect Friday nite, and the assclown took a look on Saturday and said to me “no, it’s just the paint” No fucker, it’s Mold. I ordered a test kit to get solid proof.  The incessant dripping was water coming from somewhere in the ground dripping out from the circuit breaker (oh yah, that's safe.)  You all have NO idea how I can't wait to get the hell out of this apartment.

I'd like to Flip off my kid's first period teacher, but she's kinda right in her being pissed with his Chronic Lateness Disorder and threatening to mark him late and give him detention.. but DAMN it's 7:45 in the morning.. and despite my best efforts it's not that easy to get this kid moving in the morning.. it's gotten better this week (because honestly, who wants to sit through detention at the end of the school day?)  So, OK, Fine I won't flip off the teacher.. but I will flip off the asshat genius who thought school should start at friggin' 7:45am.

It's Friday Y'all.. so man up and check out these other great Friday flip off's and make the most of your weekend.


MommaKiss said...

Thank you for the solidarity. Cancer is such a motherfucker. Like your landlord. He should get cancer. Yah. I said it.

Unknown said...

What an asshole! That is most definitely mold and I'm only looking at a picture!

I agree about school times. Why in the world do they have to go so damn early? Just bump it to around 9AM and I'd be happy.

Anonymous said...

Your landlord is a cockholster. He needs to take care of that shit asap.
I LOVE fall, I wish it would go somewhere below 90 degress here.