Friday, November 6, 2009

I got my cupcakes

I was going to get my cupcake from Mo'Joe's after the ladies came back from lunch yesterday.. but as things tend to go around here I got psycho busy and before I knew it, it was time to go home and it's bad enough that it's dark at 5:00 now, but it was Raining.. Yuck!

I figured to save myself the stress I would just go home, and if my cupcake was still there tomorrow, that would be absolutely awesome.. if not, well.. then I would have understood that too. So on my way in this morning I went and stopped to get a cup of that amazing cocoa and see if my cupcake was still there.. AND IT WAS!! I was really, honestly so happy that they were cool enough to put it back in the display case in the box, you just have no idea. It was totally cool of them! So, I decided to be cool back and get another cupcake to share with the kid later. So in addition to my carrot cake cupcake I got a Samoa cupcake.. Oh yeah! chocolate, toasted coconut with a caramel center.. {Drool!}

ok, the pic isn't great.. I'll try again when I go to lunch to get a better pic with my cell.. but the fluorescent office lighting doesn't help, lol..

Mmm.. Cuppycakes!

(yea, I need to redo this pic later, it's bad!)


Unknown said...

That one with the carrot looks so cute, haha.