Thursday, November 5, 2009

Café Mo'Jo

I had to run out today at lunchtime.. I HAD to get gas or there was gonna be trouble. Now, I very, very rarely take a lunch hour and even more rare do I have to drive anywhere.. But this was a biggie since it was creeping too close to Empty and I am not too fond of it being dark by the time I get home now (Farking daylight savings) but anyway..

I decided to stop at this little teeny place on the corner that I’d been to about 2 years ago with The Kid when he was off during the summer and lunch break is mandatory. Well.. This little place has made themselves known, that’s for sure! Café Mo’Jo in Mineola, NY is what looks to be a little converted garage on the corner of Mineola Boulevard and 2nd street down by the train station in Mineola, NY. This place is funky and cool without being overwhelming or “too much”. The tables are wooden and are so cool that I wish I could grab one for my apartment! They are scattered with change and postcards that are lacquered over like an old Gymnasium floor with the lacquer dripping down the sides as it dried.. It’s just, well. It’s very unique and I like it! They have a few coin operated old school arcade games scattered around (although I’m not sure if they work or not) 2 comfy leather sofas in the back along with a sign that says “please act appropriately’ I really loved that one!

The lighting is dim, but it’s got a very relaxed atmosphere and an absolutely impressive menu! I went there today seeking French Toast and boy was I in for a treat! I got 2 thick slices Challa bread cut into 4 triangles that were perfectly flavored and cooked topped with powdered sugar with a big helping of granny smith apple chunks and honeydew melon on the side and a nice container of syrup. It was Perfect! It was So good even, that I ate 3 pieces and saved the last for The Kid. Since it was already almost 12:30 when I got there instead of coffee I decided on a cup of hot chocolate.. And WOW.. It’s REAL hot chocolate.. Not anything that comes from a packet.. This is the stuff that I make at home with Hershey’s coco, sugar and milk.. It was FANTASTIC!.

To make this place even better.. THEY HAVE CUPCAKES!! I got a carrot cake cupcake (then like a dummy I left it on the table when I went to grab my lunch and leave, but miraculously it was still there when I got to the office and realized I was missing something and called) Good peeps there, they said they would hang onto it until I could get back after work.. Sweet! The guy behind the counter told me they usually have Red Velvet cupcakes (which, I have never tried, but will soon!) But the carrot one caught my eye today.

All in all, I’m impressed, I liked them 2 years ago and I really love them now! They have a great menu, great people working there and the service is pretty fast even during the lunch rush.. And did I mention the portions are HUGE? Best of all.. The price is right! I got 1 cupcake, an order of French toast and a small hot chocolate for $10.65. Everything was fresh and delicious and now I just have to find out if they deliver because I will be getting lunch there again soon, I just don’t always have a chance to run out and go that far.

Here's their info.. If you're in the area.. Stop on bye =o)
Café Mo'Jo
95 Mineola Blvd
Mineola, NY 11501
(516) 294-0714