Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh, so it turns out Bumblebees Do sting...

No, I didn't get stung.. neither did The Kid.. But there's been a ginormous bumblebee buzzing around my door for days and although Bees (or any flying bug for that matter if you really want to get technical, and don't even get me started on spiders!) totally freak me out I was always under the assumption that those big buzzy bumblebees don't sting. So when the kid called me when he got home today freaking out because the bee was hovering right in front of the front door and he couldn't get in I kept trying to reassure him that bumblebees don't sting and to please stop freaking out.. then his phone ran out of minutes.. so as fast as I could i went online and refilled his phone and called him back.. he answered the phone and he was crying "mom, I'm so sorry, that STUPID BEE is still there and I can't get in the house and there's nobody home upstairs to let me in" (I was glad for that one though, those kids are seniors and would make fun of him if they knew he was scared of a bee)

So he was sitting on the back deck sobbing.. mom, i'm so sorry.. and I felt so bad that I couldn't help at laugh at this kid who is now 5" bigger than me sitting outside sobbing becuse he was afraid of a bumblebee... so what happens next.. he screams.. MOM, OMG, there's a Yellowjacket now.. OMG.. okay.. Please go see if the bee is gone so you can get inside. This kid's never been stung by a bee, so I have no idea if he's allergic or not and he's got me really nervous now, so he leaves his backpack on the deck to investigate and see if the bee is gone.. coast is clear, the endlessly hovering bee isn't there anymore.. so he opens the door and runs into the house, I hear the screen door slam behind him and he goes back out to get his backpack off the deck and he goes OMG, that STUPID BEE is back!

Alright, Fine.. leave your backpack out there, check again in a little while and see if the bee is gone.. fine, so he's inside and he's safe from the bees. I tried joking with him that maybe the bee wanted to be his friend and in the most serious voice he says to me "I do not want to be friends with that STUPID BEE! I want to kill it and I never want to see it again!!!" and it set me off again, I'm sitting at my desk laughing so hard that I'm crying and he's huffing and puffing on the other end of the line going "um, mom, it wasn't that funny" which just made me laugh even harder.. Oh lord..

So I finally get home and that damn bee is still there, Hovering around the door.. I go out back and grab the kid's backpack and he's standing there in the doorway waiting to let me in and WTF, there's a freaking little gray jumping spider on the door.. so I scream, throw my flip flop at the door, look back at that hovering bee and run like hell into the house, lol..

AHH!! I hate bugs!

But I learned a lesson through all this..

Bumblebees so sting..


FAB 3 Munchkins said...

LMAO this story sounds like something that would happen in my family.. HAHA!!!