Friday, March 20, 2009

OMG Easter is almost here!

It just dawned on me that Easter is 3 weeks away and I haven’t even started planning the Easter basket for The Kid. I don’t put a lot of candy in his basket, he’s not a big candy eater. I put some candy in there, but I like to do unique things, last year it was a few traditional Easter candies like Jelly beans, Peeps, cadbury eggs, reeses and m&m’s.. But I also hid a whole bunch of Astronaut Ice cream in there that I got off ThinkGeek (man, I love that store!) And a game for the Wii.

I’m stumped this year though! Come on Moms and Dads I need some Great Easter Basket ideas.. I always love to *WOW* The Kid on Easter morning.


Lucy said...

Cowgirl Chocolates has some spicy chocolate Easter bunnies. They're chocolate colored with purple polka dots. :)

good luck, and happy Easter