Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not your everyday garden...

But it's my little Potted garden on my little porch. I'm a renter so I don't have use of the yard (at least not planting wise) so for the past few years I've had a little potted garden, it all started with some basil and last year I failed miserably at trying to grow tomatoes, but this year I was so determined that I was going to succeed I went all out.. this year it all started with a tiny strawberry kit that I got for $1 at Target. I got home and was so excited, I soaked my little peat pellet and sowed my seeds in the teeny pot and a week later I saw little plants growing and I was so proud! I have 5 little strawberry plants that just today were moved to a bigger pot and moved outside and off the top of my oven under the 'plant light' since that is the only place they were safe. I'm usually bad, with a big black thumb and I can't get anything to grow.. but if it's in plain sight I'm gonna make sure it's watered, so that's where all my little babies stayed until it was warm enough to go outside.

I bought my basil and Oregano plants at home depot towards the end of April and Mother's day weekend I bought myself a cherry tomato plant (determined to grow tomatoes this year), oregano and rosemary all potted on my porch and growing great. my basil plant is being picked at almost every night to be added to dinner and is blooming and growing like I never imagined! My tomato plant has 5 little green tomatoes and 16 buds I counted earlier today. I'm so proud of myself!

To add to the jungle I have a dozen sunflowers from a buzzy kit that I got at CVS one day when I was feeling ambitious, those to my absolute amazement had sprouted in a record 4 days and are just started to sprout flowers. I have been reading about the plight of the Bees lately so I'm really happy to have plants and herbs growing that will help them (as deathly afraid of them as I may be) Bees are such an important part of the ecosystem and we all benefit from them in many different ways, so I'm just trying to do my part to help them out while also providing flavor, color and pizazz to my dinner every night.


Vida said...

So there is hope for me yet to get my little garden on the balconey! Great blog and cute photo! Vida x