Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 things.....

Last night as I was checking out what was new at TasteSpotters I noticed a unique post.. Mayo vs. Miracle whip.. it intrigued me so I clicked over and Sarah at The District Domestic Posted "Calling all Food Snobs" and asked us to post the 10 things you will never find in our kitchen..
My list:
1. Miracle whip (just gross, and why do they call it dressing?)
2. Mac & cheese in a box
3. cheese in a can (wrong on so many levels)
4. Frosting in a can
5. cake mix in a box
6. Sweet & low or equal
7. canned ham
8. Cilantro (the smell makes me physically Ill)
9. Imitation Vanilla
10. V8 Anything…. yuck!

So it got me to wonder...
What are yours?