Friday, May 13, 2016

PinPix Decorative 30x20 inch Bulletin Board, Framed in Satin Black, Handmade in the USA

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Of all the things I love about my new office is the cleanliness of everything. As much as I once loved my old job, the place was in a constant state of disarray, and no matter how hard some of the ladies tried to keep it neat, it was just never was.

This office is the complete opposite in so many, many ways (first and foremost I do not have any annoying co workers who chat incessantly on their phones or to themselves all day long). My office is clean, bright and I love what I do.

When I was offered the opportunity to purchase this lovely bulletin board at a discounted price I jumped since having these few things pinned to the wall beside me wasn't the most appealing option. When it finally arrived I was in love. It's pretty big, so I was glad I have all this open space on the wall to get creative with. The color is gorgeous and a nice contrast to the pale green walls here and it's big enough to hang all the things I want to without it looking cluttered thanks to it's generous 30" x 20" size

This Gorgeous bulletin board came with all the hardware I needed to hang it anywhere I wanted, which was great because you never want to have something to hang and then be frustrated and have to go running to the hardware store to grab the hardware you need, I ended up using some command picture hangers we had here in the office instead of hammering the walls in the middle of the day.