Saturday, March 5, 2016



I know,  y'all are probably thinking I've abandoned the blog.

But, if you follow the FB page you know that's not true.

I've had some stuff going on, keeping me busy busy, I'll make a quick rundown...

The Kid Turned TWENTY!! I love my kid, he's the sunshine in my every day no matter what, his school schedule drives me insane most of the time and last semester he had two insanely long days where he'd leave at 6:30 am and not get home until 1:30 the following morning with a break in between.  It was hell.  His new semester starts this coming week, it will be much better than the winter session, Thank God!

Also...   I quit my job!

It's no shock that I'd been unhappy there for some time and there is no denying that they're not going to make any changes. After being fed up with a toxic co worker who was supposed to be let go months ago, It was going to be her or me and since they are literally afraid to fire her it was ultimately an easy choice for me.

After eleven years it was hard..... BUT y'all ever have a co worker that just got on your last nerve every single day?  Well, if you've been following me since the beginning you remember the office witch... this lady was a thousand times worse.  She was obnoxious blasting music from her iPad every morning, then sitting with headphones on at her desk and not even paying attention to people talking to her or the phones ringing, her constant running commentary to herself and her disappearing act... not to mention she claimed to work more hours than she actually did, so she was paid for time she wasn't there... not as if she was actually working for most of the time she sat at her desk anyway since she spent most of her time texting and messaging and scrolling around Facebook, when I noticed she was watching TV and movies on her iPad and the boss acted like he didn't notice I'd had enough.. I'd never in my life worked with someone so lazy and entitled.

I got tired of complaining about her and my boss being too chickenshit to do anything about it, so when I got an offer for a new job I went and interviewed and was hired on the spot. It was not an easy decision because I honestly loved most of my co workers, but this lady... I had it with her and her BS every day.  When I went in and told my boss that I was offered a new position with better pay and benefits I initially thought he'd at the very least ask me what he could do to make me stay...  but nope, he wished me well and then a few days later asked me to write a guide book for the person who would be taking over my position.  That guide book ended being eighteen pages long and detailed everything from the businesses we ordered supplies from with all the passwords and links to how to check the voicemail in the office.  It was extremely detailed and they ended up getting Two people come in and interview and then hiring one literally 5:30 the night before my last day.  She came in for a few hours on my last day there and I trained her as best I could.

After eleven years it was weird leaving there, but my new job is so much better!  I went from working in a law office to working in education and it's so different but it's also kind of the same thing and I really like the people I work for and with, they're a great bunch and for the first time in a long time I don't dread going into work every day and rush my life away wishing for Friday anymore.

I'm still cooking.... every night.  My kid had requested a Rainbow cookie cake for his birthday and it came out amazing.

He ended up having class on his birthday and getting home really, really late so we went out to dinner the following day after work and then had cake after dinner (ie, Late!)  I made the cake on his birthday after coming home from work and  let the finished cake sit in the fridge overnight.  It came out really good and I'm going to make regular rainbow cookies with this same recipe today once the butter softens :)  I'll share it here, it's not my recipe, but it's good, really, really good.  I hadn't made a rainbow cookie cake before and while it came out kind of dense, that was my error and I know what I did wrong and how to remedy it.

So, that's what's been going on..... I'm sorry I haven't been around much, I will try to be here more often.  In the meantime check out the Facebook page and comment once in a while :)