Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One day I'll have a dog again...

But for now I get my daily dose of 'puppy therapy' from Facebook. My first dose came through a friend who shared a beautiful pittie girl who was in need of some rescue named Selena.  Selena was rescued by Fighting for Dawn  as a heartworm positive stray who was scheduled to be euthanized and was pulled right before.  I was in love at first sight with that baby and I've been following FFD ever since. The good and bad thing is they're in Georgia. Good because I know there's no way I can bring a dog randomly home to my honey one day (I can't have pets where I live, but he's got two cats). Bad because I wish there was more I could do to help and volunteer.

While I can't have a dog of my own, what I can do is share my love for the FFD family and all the rescues I follow, share the good they do and spread the love. From Dawn's story to the story of Marilyn and the Muttleys and all the babies (not all are babies, but all dogs are babies to me that deserve love and companionship) that they rescue daily. A lot of these dogs come into rescue in poor shape, they need donations to pull the dogs from the shelters, for vetting and are always in need of fosters.

I follow a few rescues and most are out of state to me... Except one...which I know when the time is right and I see that baby that I know will be mine I'm gonna go and get her from there. 

I miss having a dog, The Kid loves dogs and gets his dose of puppy love whenever he visits his friends with dogs (which is a good lot of them)  I, on the other hand am puppyless :( so I get my puppy fix from pages like Fighting for Dawn, Puppy Breath Rescue, Big Fluffy Dog RescueAngels Among Us Pet Rescue ,New York Bully Crew, Bama Bully Rescue and the shelter/rescue where my honey got his oldest Kitty Tyler The Little Shelter.  I admire so much what these rescues do and I donate when I can.

If you're an animal lover, do what you can to support rescues like these and support your local shelters & rescues.  Shelters are always in need of supplies like blankets (but usually not comforters) Fleece blankets that you can get on clearance at Walmart for $2 sometimes or less. Collars, leashes, food, puppy pads and the like.  I know FFD has an amazon wishlist.

This is my Tuesday Shoutout to all these rescues.  I'm showing my love and respect for all they do and all the babies they save on a daily basis.  No dog deserves to be thrown away because they're sick or old, no dog deserves to be starved to death because the owners are too poor to afford food or just don't want the dog anymore.  No animal deserves to be left out in the cold to die because the people don't want them in the house.  If you can't take care of your pet find someone who will.  They are all living beings and deserve a good life.  Over these past few months I've seen some really sad stories, pictures of these babies when they're rescued and then of their amazing recoveries and have cried when they just couldn't be saved.

These animals can't speak for themselves so we have to be their voice.  Lets do the best we can for them.