Monday, February 3, 2014

Alright Winter, that's enough.

Since 2014 started I've missed now 4 days because of the snow.!!

Due to a bunch of stuff that's been going on I am still without a car and I've been hoofing it to the train every day when I realized I was wasting $25 every week by taking the bus when it was faster to just walk to the train myself.  The only problem?  The train is over 2.5 miles away.

Under normal circumstances this isn't a horrible walk and I can get there in under 30 minutes.  In 5-8" of snow though, it's not impossible but frustrating.  The plows don't come around regularly, people neglect to shovel their sidewalks and while it's sometimes "safer" to walk in the street... it's really not because people can be real jerks.

So... once again today I'm home.  I couldn't catch a ride to the train and catching a bus proved to be unsuccessful without walking totally out of the way, getting splashed with slush from rude drivers that mock people that have to walk or not falling flat on your face on unshoveled and untreated walkways.

Today is one of those days when I'd (believe it it not) really rather be at work.  I have stuff to get done in my office, and while there's always stuff to get done at home I really didn't want to take another day off because of the damn weather :(

Just saw the snow totals for the area and we're averaging 3.5" already.

What's Your weather like?