Monday, July 2, 2012

Venturing out of my comfort zone...

I ventured out into NYC with my bestie, her son and my kid last week and tried bubble tea for the first time at a street cart downtown after walking around the World Trade Center site.  Work still in progress, we didn't get to visit the memorial because they were having some sort of ceremony.  Instead we walked around.

 Caught a hilarious street show and then stopped to get something to drink at a gathering of street carts.  It was  really hot on Thursday with temps in the low 90's, but in lower Manhattan between all the tall buildings and masses of people it felt more like 100°.  We stopped for smoothies and the kid and I opted for bubble tea.  It was really good and I wanted to figure out how to do this myself.  

After we got home I did a search online to find out where I could get this stuff locally and thought I had hit a dead end until I realized that there was an Asian market right over by where the kid's summer camp is.  The reviews of the store were mixed and I remember walking past there a few years back in the heat of the summer and the smell was atrocious (fresh fish market inside).  Some of the newer reviews were very good though.  It was blistering hot on Saturday and I decided maybe that wouldn't be the best day to go.  Instead we went yesterday (it was still hot, but  not as hot as Saturday) and OMG!! What I great place!  I can't believe I never stopped there before!! The store was Very clean and neat and reasonably priced.  

We walked in by the bakery and then went into the store first, got 2 bags of boba pearls and a package of bubble tea mix and a few other things and then walked over to the bakery where they also sell bubble tea to go.  The prices of the snacks and pastries was all under $2!!  I got a roast pork bun (that was FANTASTIC!) and the kid got a ham and cheese bun, each was $1.10!! for $3.50 the kid got a coconut bubble tea and off we went.  I'm so glad I stopped there and I will be going back often :)

Sometimes it's good to travel out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Go into that little shop that you've seen and always wanted to try but were afraid to.  It might be a great place! :)