Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Flip off's

Well, I haven't done this in a really long time!!

This week DEMANDS A flip off though.

Monday: Came into the office at 7:45 since kiddo had to be at camp super early  and the server wouldn’t turn on.  Had to call the IT company from my cell phone because God forbid we have a phone that actually reaches into the room where the server is.  I run diagnostics with the owner for about 10 minutes when he finally says he’s going to have to send someone in because “this doesn’t look good” Guy gets here around 9 and has to take the server with him because he can’t fix it here.  Luckily he hooked us all back up to the internet before he left because otherwise we would have gone crazy.

Tuesday: We got our server back, Server had a virus, hard drive shot, had to reinstall the OS and the backup that we were using was completely useless so he gave us an external hard drive that backs us up automatically every 6 hours.  Now, if my boss wasn’t a super cheap ass when it comes down to getting office equipment and actually Paid an IT company to check up on us every so often instead of coming when we’ve got an emergency we wouldn’t have had this issue at all.  My boss is going to have a canary when he gets this bill, that’s for sure.  

Wednesday: I had to deal with people being assholes at work but I did manage to clean out my truck and now she’s very happy having gotten rid of all the junk in the trunk.

Thursday: All working fine at work, kid having a bad day at camp, THEN we lost all power in my office around 4pm.  No phones, no computers and no lights in the stairwells of my office building either!! (hello building code violation) We all left at 4:30 because I had to go get kiddo at camp and only two of us have flashlights on our phones.

Today: I get a call from the secretary who gets in early after leaving her a note to call me when she gets in so I can tell her how to turn everything back on.  She calls me back a few minutes later that the server still isn’t turning on and she can wait until I get in to do it.  I get in around 8:30 and after the BOIS runs the screen says “a Disk read error occurred press Crtl+Alt+Del to restart.  I do it and nothing happens.  Call the IT company and he calls me back on my cell... this isn’t good.. Not good at all (his words) Sending out a tech should be there by 10... it’s 10:40 and he’s still not here.

So.. This whole Freaking week can flip the hell off.