Sunday, May 6, 2012

Foodie Apps for iPhone, etc.

As a follow up to this post I'm going to add 2 more apps that are great for helping you with your grocery list, finding recipes and more :)

I had a recipe in my head the other night and for the life of me I couldn't remember what exactly was in it... I had remembered that I got it off the Kraft web site or from their food & family magazine so I headed on over while I was sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store to see if I could jog my memory a little bit.  As I opened up the Kraft page a popup came on and asked if I wanted to install the kraft iFood Assistant.  Ok, sure, why not?

I am SO glad I did!
It's smart. It's fun. And now it even helps in the kitchen. The most appetizing app on the planet —iFood Assistant powered by Kraft — brings simple, delicious food ideas, anytime and anywhere you go. Whether you use how-to videos, smart 1-2-3 recipes, recipe box or the built-in shopping list, you're going to save time. So redefine eating... and use iFood Assistant powered by KRAFT to make life delicious. Everyday.
Now available on iPhone - iFood 4.0: use voice to search, add to shopping list and move to next step in a recipe.
This is available in the App store as well as the Android marketplace or you can just do this:

For a quick link to download, text IPHONE to 71717.

For a quick link to download, text BLACKBERRY to 71717.

For a quick link to download, text ANDROID to 71717.

For a quick link to download, text WINDOWS7 to 71717.

This is an amazing App and I really love it.  I love the voice recognition so I'm not fumbling with the touch keypad when I'm searching for a recipe or adding things to my grocery list.  It also has the built in scanner so that you can add things to your shopping list just by scanning the barcode on the item.  You can send recipes wirelessly to your printer and also add your grocery rewards cards to your profile (not all stores are on this list, I'm assuming it varies by region, but none of the grocery stores in my area are on the list :{  )

I highly recommend this app.  So far it's my favorite and I'll be sticking with it.