Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey, is there an App for that?

About a month ago I jumped in and got myself an iPhone.  Kicking and screaming I succumbed to this phone for the main reason to have a better connection to a friend that I now have no connection to (go figure, this is my life after all)  I'm still learning this stupid phone, but I've been learning that it can help me out sometimes.

Apps.  I'm really new to this app stuff and my friend that is no longer my friend was supposed to be the one to teach me about all this stuff... but I got left having to figure it all out on my own.  Splendid.  I get by on my own just fine, but I was really counting on having some insider info from someone who was an iPhone aficionado. Que sera sera.. again, my life.

Just last week as I was reading through one of the many foodie magazines I get I came across a blurb for a menu planning app.  I figured to give it a try.  Food on the table is the app I chose.  it's.. Meh.  I'm not completely thrilled with it, but a lot of people like it.  I guess it just wasn't right for me.  Right now I'm using Grocery IQ for lists (gotta love the voice recognition here!) you can scan barcodes to add items to your list as well (which I think is freaking awesome!)

Epicurious is a great app for recipes on the go.  I have a tendency to print things at work and then leave them at work  either in the printer or on my desk and God forbid my printer at home actually worked.  Since I moved in July I can't get the damn thing to work right... eventually I'll get around to re installing the software and getting it to actually work while wired in to my computer and wirelessly for the kid and for the iPhone.

I like the convenience of being able to have my lists and recipes with me at all times and I'm still learning about these apps and all and Please if any of you have suggestions let me know :)