Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the heck happened here?

Ever go through the list in your head of what's in the fridge/pantry/cabinets and think to your self "What the hell am I supposed to make with that?"

That was me yesterday.  I went grocery shopping on Saturday, I didn't have a list.

Bad, bad, bad.

I need a concrete list when I go shopping, I usually scour the weekly circular and get what's on sale that I want/need and then take my weekly meals from there.  My problem this week, I didn't do that.  I went to another grocery store altogether because I was out with the kid and my meal plan for the week went straight out the window.  I did my best to try to remember what I had wanted to get... I got tomatoes.  yeah, that's about it. *facepalm*  I got a pack of chicken breasts and pasta and... Ugh... crap.

My grocery budget is getting pinched again with milk almost $5/gallon again and meat being just ridiculous no matter what you want.  The Kid Loves cheese.  Loves all kinds of cheese and I feel bad I can't always get what he wants, but seriously Provolone was $8.99/lb!! and he can eat cheese like I can eat bread and down a whole chunk of cheese in a matter of hours.  My biggest pet peeve right now is I can't get everything I need at just one grocery store.  One has the best water and the tea that the kid drinks but their meat is extremely overpriced.  Another store has decent prices on meat, but everything else is through the roof, Yet another store has the best veggies, fresh and frozen at the best prices so I always have to shop around (and waste gas in the process... have I mentioned that I own an Old jeep with a V8 engine that's 4 wheel drive all the time?)

Wasting gas isn't really my thing... so I try to make my non crucial grocery stops on my way home from work once a week... but really, it's still a pain in the ass.  I want to be able to fill my fridge and be done with it in one fell swoop.  I have yet to have this happen though.  I do have a pantry, I keep it pretty well stocked with dry goods like Rice, lentils, pasta, canned tomatoes, beans and such and I'm trying to get more organized in this kitchen, keep things stocked that we use all the time.  Eventually I'll get the hang of it.  My last 2 apartments had such tiny kitchens that I'm not used to getting a lot at once and I find it difficult to break myself of this habit.

I did manage to concoct dinner with stewed tomatoes, rice, peppers and chicken.. and it was better than I thought it was gonna be and that was great.... Plus there were plenty of leftovers for kiddo to munch on when he got home from school today.