Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I got a pair of Heely's in August courtesy of Business to Blogger.  I posted a quick post that day just to let y'all know about them and I've worn them pretty much every day since.

I had originally planned on making a video, but then life happened, and I realized my driveway is on a slope which really isn't the best way to learn how to use these things since stopping on my butt in the middle of the street is never a good idea... so instead one morning when there was nobody here in the office I decided to try out the skate part on my own.  I knew that I wouldn't be publicly humiliated if I fell on my ass (which I did) or have my kid crack jokes for the rest of my life about it either.

Heelys are Incredibly comfortable.  They're good sturdy sneakers with a good sole (no pun intended).  Taking the wheel out does take some practice though and ladies, don't try to use your fingernail.. I learned this the hard way.  You've gotta push really hard in and up to get it to release and snap out.   Heelys take practice to use and it took me a while to feel at ease enough to actually "glide" along without the fear of falling.  I'll admit it, I'm kind of a klutz.  But I eventually got the hang of it enough to skate down the hallway without falling.  I'm pretty confident that I can walk to the park with The Kid and not fall and make a fool of myself.

Check out the Heely's Guide here
General Heely's Info here
and the Very important Heely's safety playbook here

I Originally wanted to get the Heely's for The Kid, but they only come in sizes up to Men's 12 and since Sasquatch here is a Men's 14 that wasn't happening, but would have been very cool and fun for him (ya here that Heely's?  the kids with the big feet wanna play too)