Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sometimes it's the simple things...

Yesterday I was having a bad day.. I was hating my job & hating my apartment (so what else is new there) and blaming one on the other (My boss is a tightwad and I have no hopes of a better salary here so for now I'm stuck in my apartment because I don't make enough to move into a better place).

I miss my best friend like Crazy.. we haven't even spoken in a month and it doesn't help that she's in Africa with a 6 hour time difference.

To top it all off, I had the most disgusting lunch and my stomach was in knots by the time I got home.

When I walked in I sat on my bed to talk to The Kid while he was on the computer playing his game online with his dorky friends, when my phone beeped that I got a text...

It was The Guy

And in an instant my day got better.

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that you're loved and cared about to make things better..

I'm a fairly simple girl.. it doesn't take much...

In the words of Andy Wood
♪"Love is all good people need, and music sets the sick ones free, without love no one ever grows no one will ever sing"♫


Paula said...

Hey mama.. It must be in the air. Im in the same boat. We did move in August but I don't see myself getting a raise at my job anytime soon and haven't since 2 years ago. I can't find anything else because I need specific hours. HUGS to you..